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K. D. fitting is a simple, inexpensive solution for connecting seat elements, arm sections or headboards with a perfectly secure and precision fit.

  • fast assembly, easy handling
  • Suitable for use on left or right
  • perfectly fitting, silent connection


UniFix: the K. D. fitting for fastening adjustment fittings in upholstered furniture

Our Unifix K. D. fitting was developed specifically for installing FrankoFlex, VarioFlex and ProFlex with arm or flat link in adjustable upholstered furniture. This permits preassembly at the frame manufacturer and facilitates shipment of large, heavy items of upholstered furniture. Final assembly is then easily completed at the customer's premises.

Two types: non detachable or detachable

  • Non detachable: once inserted, the fitting can no longer be pulled out.
  • Detachable: the fitting can be pulled out again.


Sleeve for easy assembly

The push in sleeve for adjustable head sections on upholstered furniture is our modern day slot in system for adjustable fittings with round link. Adjustable head sections soon get damaged while upholstered furniture is in transit. So, minimise the risk involved and deliver the head section separately: using the Hettich push in sleeve, the head section can be quickly and securely fitted at the customer's premises: simply push it in – done.

  • System components: push in sleeve and chromated cover cap
  • simplifies production, optimises shipment, minimises damage rate
  • head section is easily fitted on location at the customer

PDF for downloading

CoFix M: the connecting system for knocking down large items of furniture for shipping purposes

The CoFix M slot in system lets you knock down large, bulky items of furniture and easily ship them in individual parts. At its destination, furniture is then assembled without the need for any tools.
CoFix M cuts costs and work input in production, storage and shipping.

PDF for downloading

CoFix S: the connecting system for dividing and joining seating elements

The sturdy CoFix S connecting system lets you split up seating elements and moves them with ease in individual parts. At their destination, you can then easily reconnect the seats – simply by swinging them into place, and all without any tools. CoFix S cuts costs and work input in production, storage and shipping. Link to the CoFix S catalogue.

  • Tool-less connection of the seat elements simply by swinging them into place
  • No damage to upholstery when connecting seats together as position of fittings is easy to see
  • Simple one person installation
  • Highly sturdy and strong, preventing fittings from bending open
  • Fittings only 15 mm wide
  • Optimum compensation of tolerances
  • Particularly close fitting connection of seat elements: perfect upholstered furniture design
  • Installation using M6 screws.
  • Tested to RAL – GZ 430    

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